Registered with CPE, Ministry of Education Singapore

Private Education Act

Under the Private Education Act legislated in December 2009, a Council for Private Education (CPE) was set up to regulate the private education industry in Singapore. The Private Education Act prescribes a clear line of accountability for the conduct and practices of PEIs. A PEI is required to set up an Academic Board and an Examinations Board with at least three members each. The Boards are to set up proper academic and examination processes and frameworks respectively.

All Private Education Institutions (PEIs) are required to comply with the regulations under the Act in order to continue operations. Aventis School of Management was one of the pioneer batch of PEIs which was approved by CPE under the 4 Year Enhanced Registration Framework (EFR) in 2010.

Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF)

The Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF), as set out under the Private Education Act and the Private Education Regulations, spells out the mandatory registration requirements and legislative obligations which all PEIs, operating in and from Singapore, must meet. It is administered by the CPE, which is the sectoral regulator overseeing the private education sector, as established under the Private Education Act. The ERF aims to enhance the overall quality of PEIs in Singapore and ensure that they are of a certain acceptable standard in order to protect the interests of students. It does this through the following aspects of ERF

Successful Renewal of ERF License from 2014 to 2018


In 2014, Aventis successfully secured the 4 year renewal of the ERF License from 20 May 2014 to 19 May 2018. The following are the formal requirements that Aventis has put in place in compliance with the stipulations of the Private Education Act of Singapore

Aventis-Student Contract

As stipulated by CPE and with the aim of enhancing the confidence of students in the quality of education in Singapore, Aventis will enter into a standard PEI-Student con​tract which protects the interests of our students; the terms of this contract are guided by the template provided by the CPE. The PEI-Student Contract lays out the important terms and conditions governing the relationship between the student and Aventis. We will honour all terms and conditions spelt out in the contract and in all our communication materials. A copy of our standard Student contract is available for viewing upon request.

Your Fees are Protected and Insured Under the Fee Protection Scheme (FPS)

The CPE requires all course fees paid by students to be protected and insured under the FPS scheme to protect the investment of our students. The FPS serves to protect the student’s fees in the event the PEI is unable to continue operations due to insolvency, and/or regulatory closure. In addition, the FPS protects the student if the PEI fails to pay penalties or to return fees to the student arising from judgements made against it by the Singapore courts. Aventis has appointed Lonpac Insurance Berhad to be the FPS provider for our students under the Industry Wide Coverage (IWC). The IWC is a PEI-based group insurance policy that provides coverage to students studying in their PEIs. The PEIs must subscribe to the IWC if they wish to collect up to six months of course fees at any one time. The IWC may also be imposed as a Term and Condition to the PEI’s registration as a form of student protection. The insurance coverage shall commence from the date of payment of the fees till the due date of the next payment or the course end date whichever is earlier. More details of the FPS can also be found in the FPS Instruction Manual, available at CPE’s website.