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In Focus: California State University MBA

In Focus: California State University MBA

An Interview with Dennis Tan, Senior Manager, SE Asia and Emerging Markets, Electrical Sector, Eaton Corporation Inc, an American global diversified power management…

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In Focus: California State University MBA




An Interview with Dennis Tan, Senior Manager, SE Asia and Emerging Markets, Electrical Sector, Eaton Corporation Inc, an American global diversified power management company with over 103,000 employees and customers across 150 countries worldwide with an annual revenue of over USD$16 billion in 2012.





What made you pick the California State University MBA programme among others?


  • 3 distinct factors that came to mind in deciding to embark on CSU MBA:Delivery of course contents by California Professors with a robust, well-balanced spectrum of business modules
  • 1 year accelerated program that meets my heavy schedule
  • Extensive and diverse student profiles that offer end to end B2B and B2C experiences within the Asia Pacific region


Are your expectations met?


Being the pioneer batch, hiccups are inevitable but we’ve managed to mitigate any cultural voids and expectations through the collaborative work of both Aventis and CSU Academic staff. I am especially impressed with Professor Monica Lam, Associate Dean for Graduate and External Programs, College of Business Administration and her dedication.


When did you start on the programme? Is it part time or full time?


Feb 2013 – A part time program delivered over weekend blocks.


What do you like about the programme?


Of the courses completed, I would reckon:

  • The opportunity to work and learn with many great classmates, all vastly experienced in their respective fields with different specialisation & skill sets.
  • The delivery of the course contents through engaging discussions, multimedia, social media, live and virtual by all the Professors so far makes my learning journey pleasurable and unique enough (as compared to other MBA’s) for me to look forward to when waking up in the morning

    Can you describe your favourite subject/module and why you like it?


    Global HRM taught by Prof Amy Mickel is my personal favourite as she plays the facilitator role perfectly while engaging the class to touch on the exhaustive course content, while shaping us well, relating & learning, with real-life examples in cross-cultural HR management. The class, with its diverse mix of 7 nationalities and exposures, was fully engaged, selflessly sharing their individual experiences.


    How do you find the lecturers/teachers? Can you describe their teaching modes?


    Classes are broken down into lectures, group assignments, discussions and presentation. In today’s social media era, it’s definitely inspiring to see Professors extensively doing their research and using Youtube videos to make their points. Parallel online delivery was also impressive. With required online face to face conferencing requirements for presentations and discussions combined with their positivity in embracing such methods, all the more motivates the class towards continuous learning.


    How do you think your MBA would help you in your career?


    Coming from a US multinational corporation, it is essential to equip myself with the necessary business management knowledge on top of my specialisation for career advancement. I’m earmarked to head a business unit before taking up the course and both the management and I clearly identified certain aspects of my competencies to gap up prior to my climb up the corporate ladder. This MBA will definitely help me to bridge the identified gaps while exposing me further in mitigating common business thought processes and communication with my US senior executives or even counterparts.


    Impressive for a Senior Manager of a Global Enterprise juggling work, travels, family and 3 lovely kids. A shining testament of the global leaders of tomorrow, Well done Dennis.


    For more information about the California MBA, please contact Aventis at (65) 6720 3333 or

CIM Story

CIM Story

Ever heard the story of how the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) UK became the world’s leading professional body for sales and marketing professionals?…

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Ever heard the story of how the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) UK became the world’s leading professional body for sales and marketing professionals?


cim-image1 Once upon a time, sales and marketing professionals were finding it hard to gain professional recognition for their work and expertise unlike their peers in fields such as accounting, finance and medicine. Twelve sales managers decided to seize control of their destiny and came together to form what was then known as the Sales Managers’ Association to promote and champion the rights and recognition of their profession.


A hundred years later, today, the Chartered Institute of Marketing is the world largest professional association for sales and marketing professionals with more than 40,000 members across the globe.


In 1989, the Institute was conferred the prestigious Royal Charter status by the Privy Council office and henceforth became known as The Chartered Institute of Marketing. In 1998, CIM were given allowance by the Queens Privy Council to award the Chartered Marketer status upon distinguished members, effectively becoming the only institution in the world to offer the “Chartered Marketer” status. Because of that CIM spread their institution internationally to improve marketing throughout the world.


The marketing profession is enormously diverse when it comes to what you can work with and how you can apply it. Nowadays it has become even more diverse. Now, we are talking about inbound marketing and to being connected with consumers in every communication channel that is out there, responding instantly through chats and engage, engage and engage with customers. Many opportunities for you or your company to be heard and spotted… But to leverage on these opportunities, you have to truly understand marketing. Especially as you grow in marketing, you need to understand how marketing works from a managing perspective. And this is where the Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing from CIM comes in. Right now, here in Singapore, we are offering this program on a part time basis (once a week from 7-10pm) catering to really busy working professionals-who judged in my experience-is a trade mark of marketers based in Singapore.


How it can help elevate your status to a Chartered Marketer?


cim-image2This postgraduate diploma opens up a route to become a “Chartered Marketer”, someone regarded as the crème de la crème in marketing, a lifelong learner and a champion of the profession. It also set the path for academic advancement into MBA’s and other postgraduate qualifications. Be among the selected few to own this prestigious status.


As a Chartered Marketer, you are part of an elite group of over 5,000 marketers around the world. As a gauge, 400 Chartered Marketers reside in Hong Kong, all maintaining the highest standards in knowledge, ability and experience. Your commitment shows that you are an up-to-date, experienced and qualified marketing professional.


We welcome you to embark on this journey with us at Aventis; the only accredited CIM Postgraduate Centre in Singapore.


To find out more, please contact Aventis at (65) 6720 3333 or

CNA Feature – Aventis School of Management

CNA Feature - Aventis School of Management

Aventis School of Management was established in 2007 in Singapore to promote the growth of human capital development in Asia, and is affiliated with the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD)…

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Channel News Asia Feature – Aventis School of Management
Aventis School of Management – Featured on ChannelNewsAsia, a Pan Asian TV News Channel, fully complemented by English and Chinese online portals that provide news and information on global developments with Asian perspectives. Channel NewsAsia brings viewers not only the latest news but also the stories behind the headlines. Based in Singapore, Channel NewsAsia reports from the major Asian and key Western cities, including New York, Washington D.C, London and Brussels.


Be a Chartered Marketer

Be a Chartered Marketer

Be a Chartered Marketer - Join the world's largest marketing professional body with over 40,000 members…

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Be a Chartered Marketer

Join the World’s Largest Marketing Professional Body with over 40,000 members


About the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) UK


The Chartered Institute of Marketing is the world’s largest organisation for professional marketers. It plays a key role in setting industry standards, training and also offers accredited, practice-based qualifications from introductory to advanced level.


The Chartered Marketer Status


Very few professional associations are able to award individual Chartered Status to qualifying members. The Chartered Institute of Marketing is the only organisation with authority from the Queen’s Privy Council to bestow the prestigious Chartered Marketer status to individual members.
You will join an elite group of only 3,000 chartered marketers internationally whom are recognized for maintaining the highest standards in knowledge, ability and experience.


Benefits of Being a Chartered Marketer


  • Better Business Credibility: Being chartered demonstrates to your business colleagues that you have a proven and superior level of marketing knowledge and experience.
  • Enhanced Career Prospects: Chartered Marketer proves your commitment to marketing to future employers.
  • Continuing Personal Improvement: Demonstrate your commitment to lifelong learning by updating your skills and keeping abreast of new developments, through the continuing professional development scheme.
  • More Productive Networking: Opens doors to greater networking opportunities with like-minded & influential peers.
  • Greater Professional Influence: Become more strongly associated with CIM – the leading professional body for creating and supporting marketers to deliver great marketing.


Anna White (Aventis, Singapore) Winner of Top International Student Award was very pleased and it was a great honour to receive the Top Student award from CIM for the Post-graduate diploma in Marketing. I thoroughly enjoyed the program run by Aventis. I would recommend the CIM Post Graduate Diploma program to graduates with at least three years real-life business experience in a marketing-related role who want to extend their marketing knowledge to take on more senior roles in the future.


The Next Step – CIM PG Diploma in Marketing
(6 months part-time program, Singapore)


If you have already a significant level of knowledge and/or experience of marketing then embarking on the CIM Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing will be the next step for you to attain the highly prestigious CIM Chartered Marketer Status. The program focuses on key strategic aspects of marketing management and is widely respected as a benchmark of your competence at the highest level.


Key Benefits


  • Contribute research and insights to inform strategic marketing decisions.
  • Influence strategic decisions in an organisation to create value for customers and other stakeholders.
  • Manage and measure marketing activities undertaken as part of the implementation of a customer-focused strategy.
  • Formulate, present and justify a creative, customer-focused and innovative strategy for any given context.


How to Apply


Interested applicants are required to submit the following:

  • Duly-completed application form (download Form).
  • Certified true copies of all education certificates and transcripts.
  • Your detailed Profile – Curriculum vitae.
  • Application processing fee of S$107 (non-refundable).


To find out more, please contact Ms Corley Lee at (65) 6822 8596 or

Site Visit for IMBA Students

Site Visit for IMBA Students

Arcadia University International MBA Students' International Business Experience Module Site Visits - Google Asia Pacific Private Limited, American Chamber of Commerce, Asia Pacific Breweries…

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Site Visit for IMBA Students

Arcadia University International MBA Students’ International Business Experience Module Site Visits – Google Asia Pacific Private Limited, American Chamber of Commerce, Asia Pacific Breweries


Our Arcadia IMBA students (Cohort 13 and 15) embarked on site visit to 3 companies, in which there were opportunities for direct interaction with the company representatives to explore their strategies, current industry trend and operational challenges. As part of their module curriculum: International Business Experience, we had 15 students coming along for these site visits – Google Asia Pacific Private Limited, American Chamber of Commerce, and Asia Pacific Breweries. These site visits allow students to learn and discuss items relating to organization strategy and how environmental factors influence business decision making.


First stop comprised of a tour to Google’s new Southeast Asia headquarters office at Asia Square Tower. Currently, Google owns three floors in the Asia square tower, housing over 600 of their full time staff. We are glad to have our ex-alumni cohort 10 Mr Raja Sudhakar Thota, who work in Google as Payroll Manager, to let us experience the Google working culture; in which it was mentioned that break stations are not more than 50 metres away from workstations. Found within the premise includes gym, massage room, movie theatre and gourmet cafeterias. Of course, lunch was hosted by Google. How cool is that!


Next up was American Chamber of Commerce, in which Mr Thomas H. McNutt, Head of Regional & Public Affairs, shared with us on how they maintain close relationships with their members and how AmCham played a significant role in development of the U.S Singapore Free Trade Agreement, to represent the interests of their members.


The last station of the day was Asia Pacific Brewery, the famous Tiger Beer Brewery. The extensive 45-minute brewery tour gave us insights on the brand’s history and its heritage. Besides, we learnt the ingredients that go into Tiger Beer, the feel and smell of aroma of the malt at the ingredient kiosk, as well as their unique brewing process. Not forgetting the hands-on experience in practice pouring the perfect serve and getting up close and personal with the packaging process, as shared by the Brewery Tour Ambassador.


The highlight of the guided tour would be the generous sampling session at the beautiful Tiger Tavern, in which our students had extensive beer tasting; ending the day with a glass of the freshest Tiger Beer… It’s Tiger Time for us!


For more information about our MBA programs, please contact Aventis at (65) 6720 3333 or

CSU Graduates Its First Class of International MBA Students

CSU Graduates Its First Class of International MBA Students

On Thursday, nine men and women from Singapore stepped onto the Sacramento State campus for the first time. On Friday, they graduated from the school with MBA degrees…

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California State University, Sac State Graduates Its First Class of International MBA Students


cim-image1On Thursday, nine men and women from Singapore stepped onto the Sacramento State campus for the first time. On Friday, they graduated from the school with MBA degrees.


The nine were among the first class of students enrolled in the university’s Singapore-based International Master of Business Administration program, and they joined 450 other business students who graduated on Friday.


The international program was started in January 2013 as the overseas demand for U.S. college degrees increased.


“The world is going global,” said Sanjay Varshney, dean of the School of Business at CSUS. “There is a global market. CSUS has been a regional school, and we wanted to broaden its horizons and exposure. We were looking to do something international.”


Many of the students in the International MBA program had never been to the United States. Instead, the students spent the last year – and about $30,000 apiece – taking CSUS classes in Singapore.


“I love the program,” said Karen Leong, an IMBA graduate and general manager of Valiram, a retail company in Singapore. “I think it’s amazing that this is a 12-month program. I had a wonderful experience because I had classmates from all over the world.”


Sixteen men and women, who hailed from places like Korea, Myanmar, Australia, Singapore and India, made up the first class of the international program. Not all could make the trip to Sacramento to attend graduation.


“The students were very competitive, more competitive than American students,” said Selvi Stanislaus, executive officer of the state Franchise Tax Board. Stanislaus taught a Legal Business course as part of the IMBA program. “They strive for success. … They want nothing short of an A-plus.”

Every student in her class earned an A.


Sac State’s venture is working, according to Varshney. While many U.S. universities pulled their business programs out of Singapore in the last year, the CSUS program – fueled by the California State University system’s name recognition and a mid-range tuition compared to competitors – is thriving, he said.


Back in Singapore, another 20 students have already started classes, and next school year the program is expected to expand to as many as 30 students, he said.


All 16 graduates this year are professionals with 15 to 20 years experience in business who signed up to reach a long sought-after MBA or to improve their employment prospects. The students earned 36 units and an MBA degree over 12 to15 months. Each course consisted of 10 days of online classes, followed by four days of face-to-face instruction from a CSUS professor flown to Singapore, and then another 10 days of online coursework, Varshney said.


“I only slept four hours a night for a year,” said Leong, who estimated she spent three hours each day studying. “That’s what we needed to do because we are all busy executives.”


Students in the program concentrate on one of three areas: information technology management, finance or international management.


“The structure of the program is very good,” said Vijin Venugopalan, an assistant vice president for MasterCard in Singapore. “There was no compromise on the quality (despite the concentrated time frame).”


Both he and Leong said they did extensive research before signing onto the Sacramento State program. They were convinced by the reputation of the CSU system and the fact the university sent professors to Singapore for face-to face instruction.


Students wave off the idea that this is an online program, saying they studied in small groups, worked together on projects and shared their individual expertise during the year. They intend to stay in contact.


“We want to be connected,” Leong said. “We have a dream to do business together. We learn from each other.”


The students who made up the first IMBA class also vowed to start an alumni group and to promote the program in Singapore. “We want the program to be successful,” said Venugopalan.


The students who graduated Friday said they didn’t mind paying the $4,000 to $5,000 it cost them to travel to Sacramento to walk across the stage to pick up their diplomas. They were even more excited about visiting the university that bestowed their degrees.


Before Thursday, Sacramento State was just an image on the Internet, Venugopalan said. “We wanted to have a sense of belonging.”


“It’s beautiful. It’s big,” said Leong, who explained that universities in Singapore are generally much smaller.


The local business community – including many CSUS alumni – offered the graduates a warm welcome. On Thursday, Dennis Gardemeyer, chief executive officer of Zuckerman Family Farms and Delta Bluegrass Co., among other companies, hosted the IMBA candidates at a barbecue on his farm after the group visited the CSUS campus. The group also visited the Federal Reserve Bank in San Francisco, Pier 39 and the state Franchise Tax Board.


“We are very proud of this program,” said Varshney, who counts the International MBA program among his signature projects as dean. “We are taking the risk, and we are having a huge payoff.”


To find out more, please contact Aventis at (65) 6720 3333 or

HR Awards & Summit 2013

HR Awards & Summit 2013

The event was held at The Ritz-Carlton, six-star hotel which is strategically located in the heart of Marina Centre, Singapore. There were a total of 800 over guest that evening!…

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HR Awards & Summit 2013


Aventis participated in both the HR Awards and HR Summit 2013. On two different occasions, we have two different sentiments.


HR Awards 2013


The event was held at The Ritz-Carlton, six-star hotel which is strategically located in the heart of Marina Centre, Singapore. There were a total of 800 over guest that evening! Everyone who attended the gala night was in their best suit, including the folks from Aventis and of course, myself.


The ballroom was huge and grand! We were all eagerly waiting for the event to commence!


You probably do not know what makes the folks of Aventis excited about.


Yes, because we are the proud award sponsor of “Best Graduate Development” for the night!


In Aventis, all of us are interested in the development of our students even after they have completed their post-graduate qualification. We believed in life-long learning and keeping our knowledge abreast of others. It was with greatest pride that we presented the award.


The night ended with sumptuous four-course dinner, great wine and entertainment. I believed everyone who attended the event was having the same thoughts as me.


HR Summit 2013


It was a full house at the HR Summit 2013 over the two days, with some 4,129 visitors attending the event at Marina Bay Sands.


We were one of the exhibitors at the event promoting our extensive suit of HR programs which are essential for the development of the professionals out there. This year, we again met up with industries practitioners and they were all very committed in the area of both organizational and human capital development. Some of our alumni and existing students even came over to support our booth!


A highlight of this year’s conference was the CEO Think Tank & Panel Discussion on ‘Overcoming Singapore’s Talent & Staffing Challenges,’ where leading CEOs discussed how they are adapting their workforce strategies to fit a rapidly changing talent landscape.


Research has shown that the human aspect of resources within an organisation contributes approximately eighty percent of the organisation’s value. This implies that if people are not managed properly, the organisation faces a serious chance of falling apart. Therefore, strategic methods are highly recommended in engaging employees in any workplace.


The question here is, what are the strategic methods am I referring to?


We look at the six key areas of Organizational Psychology:


  • Training and development
  • Employee Selection
  • Ergonomics
  • Performance Management
  • Work Life
  • Organizational Development


It was nevertheless a very good experience for me in connecting with the experts in the HR Summit. Aventis hope to be back next year!


For more information about the Industrial Organizational Psychology Program, please contact Aventis at (65) 6720 3333 or

The Great MBA Debate – To Do or Not To Do?

The Great MBA Debate - To Do or Not To Do?

There was a time where embarking on a MBA was a “No Brainer” for professionals. It was the golden ticket to accelerated career and success.…

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The Great MBA Debate – To Do or Not To Do?


There was a time where embarking on a MBA was a “No Brainer” for professionals. It was the golden ticket to accelerated career and success. Today, however, the cost of embarking on a MBA is prohibitive, and the abundance of MBA holders in the market led to a supply glut and the question on most prospective MBA candidates’ minds are “Is it really worth it?”


Is it worth it?
It can’t be disputed that an MBA does provide the security of an assured income bracket that is generally higher than those without, but whether this is worthwhile for you depends on a number of other factors as well. How is your career progressing without the qualification? Can you afford to take time off your work? Do you have the necessary work experience? For corporate executives whom lack working knowledge of finance and management, for those seeking a career change and for those expanding their network or setting up their own business, an MBA could be the perfect stepping stone.  Alternatively, you’re already moving up the ladder with a good number of years of experience under your belt, and you have an impressive content, then the return on investment for your MBA might not have met your desired outcome.


Not All MBA are created equal
As with all things in life, not all MBAs are equal. There are the Ivy leagues that the MBA programs have created for future CEOs and the special few. A University of Chicago’s MBA program will cost over $150,000 (not including accommodations and other living costs), but according to Bloomberg’s most recent survey, graduates make an average of $102,000 per year when they get out. At Harvard, tuition and fees come to about $112,000, and graduates ended up making $110,000 on average, while the MBA programs offered by the less well-known US universities in Texas and Pennsylvania costs just $41,120 and graduates earn an average of $88,550 per annum upon graduation. Talk about Return on Investment.


Non-monetary benefits
Each school has its own branding and its own reputation. However, an MBA is basically a document that certifies that you have a general competency in all the major functional management roles you’ll find in a modern corporation. Hard skills that will be taught include things like accounting, economics and marketing operations training, while soft skills you’ll pick up are leadership capabilities, communication and teamwork. What everyone seems to agree on, however, are the valuable contacts and extensive business network that you’ll leave with are worth a lot more than what you’ll learn in the classroom. Everyone you’ll meet — fellow students, alumni, faculty staff, and visiting speakers — will prove invaluable when it comes to seeking out a high-profile internship and, eventually, a job at the top of the food chain.


Even in these stringent times, the MBA is again proving its worth as a qualification. The management degree not only opens up international barriers, but also allows for career progression or career change. However, as average salary figures included in the recent QS Global 200 Business Schools Report shows, MBA programs retain a very high level of return on investment.The fact is, without an MBA, you will be trailing behind your peers. Choose your MBA wisely, and you’ll be making the best investment of your life. For example, a low-cost school fees with a high rate of return could have you looking at a 30-year Return on Investment of more than $1.8 million.


The BEST Return On Investment?
For the best ROI on a MBA, however, the hard numbers shows that taking a part-time MBA is the top preference. Whilst US MBA often comes up Top in ranking and preference, other smart investment includes Asian Business Schools such as HKU, Singapore Management University and National University of Singapore.Although we did not take non-economic psychic costs while earning a MBA, there is no doubt that earning your MBA is certainly an investment in your future.  More employers are requesting for that extra academic degree for new hires as they recognize the benefit from the increased knowledge and resources provided by the MBA grads.  Economic times are rocky, so employers tend to seek for people who can help them survive the downturns and who can help steer them into excellence.  The MBA program is a tool to help you steer your future to excellence.


Now is the Time to Earn an Internationally recognized MBA from the World’s Largest Public University, The California State University (USA).

Join our next information session to learn how the California State University part-time MBA program can benefit your professional and career development. Intake for 2014 cohort has commenced with a start date in September 2014. Scholarships are also available.


Winners Announced at the CUNY IBM-Watson Competition

15 Jan
CUNY New York

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Top winners of the CUNY-IBM Watson Case Competition shared their innovative ideas on January 15 to help solve city challenges and better serve New Yorkers and students using next generation technology. Final presentations were hosted at Baruch College.

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