Aventis Appreciation Night 30 May 2013


AAN-pic1It is our pleasure to have our Graduate Diploma faculty, alumni and current student from both Executive Masters of Science in IOP and Graduate Diploma here tonight to celebrate your journey with us at Aventis. It is our celebratory event night for our students and we feel very joyful for all of you. We recognize and understand that it took a lot of hard work and determination to achieve what you have accomplished today. Please give yourself a big round of applause.


We would like to extend a big Congratulation to all of you who have worked so hard. We are very proud of you, and you all deserve to soak up and enjoy every single moment of today in return for this great achievement.


Aventis School of Management has come to its 6th year since it was established in 2006. We continuously strive to be the leading provider for professional development in Singapore. Up-to-date, we have more than 1,500 alumni from our Graduate Diploma and Master program.




It has been a great re-connecting night with good food and networking.

Through this appreciation night, we hope to give our most grateful acknowledgment and appreciation to our students and Graduate Diploma faculty.


This education journey won’t be possible without our team of dedicated faculty and we are pleased to recognize the efforts of our faculty for Graduate Diploma on this day.


We certainly hoped you all enjoyed yourselves. Aventis wishes you all the best to your future endeavours. Wherever you are, whatever you do, Aventis is glad to have been part of your life. Cheers to all.