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Part-Time MBA for Executive

Integrate your education into a busy work and home life by customizing where, how, and what you study with Cal State University highly flexible part-time International MBA program.

At Cal State, we firmly believe the best way to learn business and leadership is by doing. That’s why Cal State MBA cutting edge curriculum emphasizes practical application at every step. As you learn technical business knowledge and theory, you’ll also continually apply it, strengthening your soft skills and expanding your capacity to lead. 

A Global One-Year MBA that takes you beyond business

With business at it’s core, each course is designed so that it’s practical and you can immediately apply what you learn to your work. Immediately after your class, you will understand how you can apply the learnings to your particular field.

Case Study Approach to Applied Learning

At Cal State, you’ll go beyond business to learn about the world, the future, and yourself through a practical approach that is embedded into the student experience and the curriculum.

Learn over weekends. Apply on Monday

Emphasis on simulating Real World environment and solving real time business challenges rather than on Examination or dissertation. The MBA program is design to sharpen the mind of business leaders with practical business toolkits.

8 Core Modules

Lead with confidence Develop deep self-awareness through self-assessments and skills diagnostics, and continually improve through practice, coaching, and peer feedback.

Managerial Accounting (IMBA210A)Global Corporate Finance (IMBA211)Leadership & Change Management (IMBA212)Marketing Management (IMBA213)
Statistical Decision Making (IMBA214)Information Technology Management (IMBA215)Human Resources Management (IMBA216)Business Law & Legal Environment (IMBA217)

Choice of Specializations


Shape the Future
Learn to thrive in a time of constant change, understand the technologies driving change and how you can harness their power to shape the future with a choice of 3 popular specialization.

International Management Specialization

  • Comparative International Management
  • Multinational Corporate Management
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Project Management

Information Technology Management Specialization

  • IMBA 252 Enterprise IT Planning
  • IMBA 253 Strategic IT Planning
  • IMBA 254 IT Project Management
  • IMBA 255 IT Leadership

Finance Specialization

  • IMBA 231 Global Financial Institutions and Markets
  • IMBA 232 International Trade
  • IMBA 233 International Investments
  • IMBA 234 Contemporary Issues in International Finance

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