Career Coaching


Career Coaching
Unlocking career opportunities instantly across Asia, the Aventis career coaching services taps on vast resources to ensure that you are guided to make the right choice. Whether you are a professional seeking a career change, senior executive exploring career advancement, or business owner seeking to expand your business network, Aventis is well-placed to help you achieve your career goals.


Online Career Portal
We help keep you on the radar of headhunters and executive recruiters. Submit your resume online, which will then be processed and forwarded directly to partnering placement agencies for careful fit and selection.


Personal Mentoring Program
Our unique Mentorship program provides a valuable platform for specific industry knowledge and experience through industry talks, one-on-one mentorship and group discussions.


Complimentary Career Coaching Session
Please feel free to contact our career consultants at (65) 6720 333 or for a complimentary, no obligations consultation to discuss your career goals and direction. This is an excellent opportunity to secure all necessary information required to make your career decision.