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Alumni Benefits

Lifelong Learning Advantage

Whether you’re seeking career growth, a change of career direction, expand your network or

to start up your dream business, we will strive to help you optimize the ROI of your MBA on your career.

Commitment Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning means voluntarily committing to upgrading and renewing knowledge your entire life. This is difficult and often expensive. In addition to being one of the best value-for-money US programs in Asia, we are committed to help you stay current and relevant, with complimentary access to audit our MBA classes, and up to 50% discount fees for our executive workshops.

Career Skills Resources

Get connected to Cal State Careerlink, our fantastic online careers resource. Gain unlimited access to CV builder, interactive mock job interviews, online skills courses and much more.

Lifelong Learning

As alumni, enjoy 50% rebate on our exciting suite of seminars and workshops, designed to keep you updated with the latest trends and development in your industry.

Career Coaching

Our On-Demand Career Coaching services connect you with highly experienced career coaches, who help you map and plan your career direction and trajectory.

Networking Events

Networking events, guest lectures, and talks from industry experts are part of Cal State Global Leadership Initiative, keeping you connected with captains of industries.

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